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To ensure your new Tattoos and Piercings will heal properly, we provide aftercare lotions and sprays. We Sell Tattoo Goo, in both 2oz tubes and pillow packs, along with H2Ocean Sprays in both 1.5 and 4oz bottles for piercings. Why risk the chance of experimenting on remedies that may or may not work? Invest in peace of mind, use professional products that are made to heal your new Tattoo or Piercing!


Body Jewelry

We provide a wide selection of high-grade, surgical stainless steel jewelry from reputable companies such as Metal Mafia and International Silver. We also have a variety of different materials, such as Gold, Silver and Titanium jewelry.


Topical Anesthetics

Why suffer in pain and discomfort? with 5% Lidocaine, you can Relieve the annoyance of a long tattoo session, by applying before and during topical Numbing lotions and Sprays from Derma numb! Take the edge off and prevent a a suffering experience.

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You can Now Relax!

For relief of Anxiety during your next Tattoo or Piercing, we now offer 1500mg, 1ml CBD Daily dose Droppers from Green Roads! (although Not FDA Approved) CBD, (Cannabidiol) is considered a Holistic remedy that (may) help with many ailments. studies show, not only (can) it be excellent for Anxiety, but is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which is great for preventing swelling, along with many other healing ailments, such as glaucoma, joint pain, arthritis, epilepsy and dementia. It is also an antioxidant and anti-depressant. The Natural Benefits are almost endless, as an alternative to opioids!

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Gift Certificates

Want a Unique Gift Idea? Give the gift that Keeps on Giving for a Lifetime! Give that special someone a Gift they'll Always Remember and Never forget! Get them a Gift Certificate towards their Next Tattoo or Piercing! You can purchase it at the shop and make it for Any Select Amount and for your Artist of choice!

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